Proctoring Services for Individuals (PSI) and Employers

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Now accepting credit and debit cards for proctoring services for individuals.

Individuals who need to have an exam proctored may make an appointment to take the exam in the Testing Center during normal business hours by calling (217) 244-1342 and making arrangements with the Coordinator for Individual Testing, or other staff member. Individuals must pay all applicable fees at time of testing (exact change in cash and checks only). Fees are based upon the type and length of test. Please call or email ( in advance to determine the fee for your specific test. Exams should be scheduled at least 5 business days prior to desired appointment date. Those requesting exams in a shorter time frame will be assessed an additional $20 for UIUC students and $50 for non-UIUC students. Expedited requests will only be accommodated if staff is available. Individuals not cancelling their exam within five business days prior to their appointment will be required to pay an additional $20 (UIUC students) or $50 (non-students) "no show" fee in order to reschedule or to take any future tests at the Center. Individuals arriving 30 minutes or more late to a test appointment may be turned away depending on availability. If turned away, a "no show" fee will be assessed and must be paid in order to reschedule the exam.

The Testing Center maintains a very high level of security and only test takers are allowed in the center. Individuals wishing to use our services must agree to comply with Center and test owner policies. All possessions (including watches, wallets, phones, etc.) will be placed in a secure locker. An open common space is available for food and beverages if breaks are allowed by the test owners.

Exams include, but are not limited to:

  • Exams from other schools
  • Employer or agency exams
    • Primarily for individuals seeking employment from employers that require some type of written or computer-based exam.
    • Also available for proctored or unproctored interviews via telecommunication.
  • Other tests considered
    • The Testing Center is happy to help solve your individual testing needs. Please call or visit to discuss your specific requirements.

For Individuals

Fee-based proctoring services are available on an appointment basis in the Testing Center for individuals enrolled in distance and on-line courses or taking other exams required by a company or institution. All tests are proctored by certified test administrators in the Testing Center’s secure testing environment.

Available testing hours are 9:30 am (start) to 12:30 pm (finish) and 1:30 pm. (start) to 4:30 pm. (finish) times Monday thru Friday.

Requesting Services

Call (217) 244-1342 Monday thru Friday beginning at 9:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm (central time). Please schedule appointments five business days in advance.

Required Information Prior to Scheduling an Appointment

  • Format of the test (paper, on-line)
  • Length and kind of the test
  • Name of the test provider (professor, company, board, association, organization, other sponsor)
  • Preferred date for taking the test

Please contact us at (217) 244-1342 or with questions regarding proctoring services.

Test Takers

Test Takers Must:

  • Give the test provider Testing Center contact information (see below) and do all follow-up to ensure test materials reach the Testing Center on time.
  • Schedule appointments at least 5 business days prior to request test day or additional fees are required.
  • Bring a valid (current), legible, original ID with photo and signature (may be school ID or any government issued ID). ID requirements may vary, due to individual test requirements.
  • Proctoring fees vary and some tests are paid by other entities. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance students are responsible for paying the proctoring fee on the day of the exam (checks payable to the University of Illinois or cash for the exact amount only).
  • UI student fee is $25 and non-UI student fee is $35 for up to two hours. Appointments longer than two hours can be accommodated for an additional fee (UI-student $15.00 and Non- UI student $20.00 per hour).
  • An additional fee is required for scheduling requests made less than 5 business days, prior to the test date. (UI- student $20.00 and non-UI student $50.00)
  • A rescheduling fee will result in appointments that are not cancelled within 5 business days of the testing date. (UI- student $20.00 and non-UI student $50.00). These fees also apply when arriving later than 30 minutes or more to a scheduled appointment. Tests may only be rescheduled twice.
  • Agency, DSST and University fees start at $80.00, additional charges will apply.
  • Store all personal belongings (including watch) in lockable storage prior to taking the test.
  • Comply with all Testing Center regulations.

Test Providers

Required Information from Test Providers

  • Information about any ID requirements, and authorized test aids such as calculators, notes, books, scratch paper, etc. must be received at least 2 days prior to the test administration. No test aids will be allowed unless specifically authorized by the test provider.
  • Specific instructions for on-line test access and administration must be received at least 5 business days prior to the test administration. The Testing Center cannot install or download any proprietary software.
  • All materials for paper tests (including the test) must be received by the Testing Center at least 2 days prior to the test administration.
  • Information and instructions for returning the test must accompany test administration instructions.