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Do you need assistance proctoring your exams?

The Testing Center, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, has a pool of juniors, seniors, and graduate students available to help proctor your exams. To participate, use your netid and password to login and access the website. If you are new to the proctor pool, you must first set up your faculty profile. If you are returning, you may access the link to request proctors for your exams. Please be sure to accurately fill out all fields.

We, the Testing Center, will do our best to fill your request, but we are limited by the proctor’s availability. We provide the proctor, but a faculty member must be present. Proctors are not allowed to be solely responsible for administration of the exam or the exam materials.


Contact the Testing Center at (217) 244-1342 or email


Are you interested in becoming a proctor?

The Testing Center hires proctors to assist faculty with monitoring midterms, finals, conflict, and other exams year-round.


All proctors must have completed at least 70 hours of course work. Proctors must be available to work on an as-needed basis anytime day or night and are required to work a minimum of 6 exams during the semester plus 5 during finals week, for a total of 11 exams. A mandatory orientation meeting is required for new proctors to begin work at the start of the semester. A date will be given during interview.


Students should be reliable, punctual, and able to follow instructor’s directions and maintain confidentiality.

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted throughout the summer for the fall semester and throughout December for the spring semester. If you are a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student interested in applying, please send your resume, class schedule and verification of class standing to

Contact Information

University of Illinois Testing Center
Illini Plaza, 1819 S. Neil, Suite B, Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 244-1342 |